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Perspectives on Leadership
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'The ¿urpose of this book is to di¿¿u¿¿ the different aspects of leader¿hi¿ trait¿ in detail .... Good leader¿ are develo¿ed through a never ending ¿ro¿e¿¿ of ¿elf-¿tudy, edu¿ation, training, and ex¿erien¿e.' -From the Introduction In this insightful book, Dr. Oforchukwu explores all dimensions of leadership traits. He presents a paradigm shift in leadership. Thi¿ ¿hift requires th¿t ¿u¿¿e¿¿ful le¿der¿ ¿f the future will devel¿¿ ¿ gre¿ter degree ¿f true le¿der¿hi¿ ¿kills. The essential values of good leaders include integrity and honesty. Trust is an essential ingredient in Perspectives on Leadership. In this book, the author believes that leadership principles can be taught. This book would be used as a core textbook in Leadrship and Management Studies at Spiritan University Nneochi (SUN) as well as studies in Politics, Ethics, Business and Administration.

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